Handball: Luxol were shocked by Swieqi in their last league match at the University Sports Hall

Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 6:01

National League leaders Aloysians von Taine consolidated their position at the top of the standings after beating Kavallieri 35-31 at Tal-Qroqq, last weekend.

Champions La Salle Unique also won their league match after trouncing bottom-placed HMS Parthenope 44-9 but third-placed Luxol were surprised as they suffered their first defeat after four victories this season following an unexpected 29-19 upset to Swieqi Gasan Mamo Phoenix.

Swieqi played one of their best matches in the league as their 10-goal winning margin over Luxol demonstrates.

They went in for the break enjoying a slim one-goal lead but when play resumed Swieqi applied an extra gear to stun their opponents and seal an impressive win.

Clinton Mifsud, the Swieqi goalkeeper, distinguished himself with a series of outstanding saves to deny Luxol as Marko Stankovic scored eight goals for the winning team.

Kavallieri had top scorer Chris McClean in fine form and found the net 19 times against Aloysians.

However, his effort, and that of his team-mates, was still not enough as Aloysians went on to chalk up their fifth successive win at the University Sports Hall.

No team succeeded in opening a solid lead at first with the score reading nine-all at the half-way stage.

But Aloysians looked more determined than Kavallieri in the second half, opening a four-goal cushion which they maintained for the rest of the encounter.

As expected, La Salle met little difficulty in beating HMS to secure their fourth win from six matches.

HMS tried hard to stay in the game but La Salle, for whom Christopher Magro scored 24 goals, were in a class of their own to seal a comfortable win.

Aloysians are topping the standings with a maximum 15 points, three ahead of La Salle who played a game more.


Aloysians 15 (5-0-0); La Salle 12 (4-0-2); Luxol 12 (4-0-1); Phoenix 9 (3-0-3); Kavallieri 3 (1-0-5); HMS Parthenope 0 (0-0-6).

Top scorers

1. C. McClean (Kavallieri) 66 goals; 2. C. Magro (La Salle) 62 goals; 3. A. Tabone (HMS) 33 goals.