Futsal Malta Association


The Futsal Malta Association (FMA) was established in July 2011 and eventually submitted an application to the Malta Football Association in November 2011 to request a member association status. The MFA accepted Futsal Malta Association’s application as a member association and was assigned as an observer status for season 2011/2012.

Mission Statement:

“The role of Futsal Malta Association is to raise the profile of the game of Futsal in Malta, by enabling clubs to strengthen their structure, by increasing participation in terms of age and ability levels, by developing the game in synergy with the parent game of football”

The objectives of the Association are summarised as follows:

Improve the quality of Futsal competitions

The FMA’s objectives are various. First and foremost it aims to enhance the competition framework and plan ahead to improve its facilities.
Therefore the FMA reconstructed its Competition Regulations and promoted this game through branding and exposure to media.
The FMA is always striving to attract marketing consultants to help in the promotion of futsal.
FMA believes that Futsal can become the most popular indoor sport locally and marketing will help to achieve this goal.
This can help clubs to generate revenue when approaching some sponsors. The FMA will aim to strengthen the image and improve the marketability of futsal in Malta.

Collaboration with MFA member clubs

The FMA’s responsibility is to promote Futsal as a ‘complementary’ sport and to create a connection with the local established football member clubs.
This fact can be considered as an asset as it reaches a large number of amateur and professional football players who, up to this present day, didn’t have enough chance to play futsal. Furthermore this sport could develop further with the help of the nurseries and youth sectors of the member clubs.

Motivate more players to play Futsal

The FMA’s long term vision is to introduce Futsal at grassroots level, where it has proven that such sport can be most beneficial to achieve better ball control skills, quick thinking, passing ability, concentration, dribbling and balance. Therefore the association has been working jointly with the KMS and the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport in the development of Futsal Festivals and Workshops.

Teams actively involved in the decision-making process

The FMA gave all participating teams the opportunity to form part of the decision-making process. It has built a structure based on the same lines as those of the MFA. It has created its own council made up of FMA officers and a council member from each club participating in the association’s competitions, executive committee and bureau. Consequently all the decisions about Futsal matters were taken by the FMA Council members.
During the past season, a number of council meetings were held, to which the majority of the council members attended too and actively contributed their ideas and opinions. An integral part of this reform led to the FMA having two seats on the MFA council.

Independent disciplinary board

The FMA also set up its own disciplinary and control commission board chaired by Mr. Alex Arena, Mr Joe Gauci & Dr. Bernard Grech (Vice Chairmen).